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As long as I can remember I have had the ability to see what lies behind the face of physicality. I never had an epiphany or a crisis of transition, or even a life changing experience. It has always been what it is and, therefore, it has led me to find ways to use it.

I do not consider myself to be different or special. In fact, we all have this ability to see beyond the physical but it has either not revealed itself or it has been shut down, which is more common that you might think.

Like any other way of seeing things, vision has its own language. This needs to be built up over time by investigating how things in the non-physical world appear. This includes seeing how things appear that have affected people and caused trauma. This has its own form, which, although not visible to most people, still has to be studied to understand what is infiltrating the human system. The next step is working out how to remove this trauma.

In the past I made art and also ventured into music trying to discover ways of expressing what I saw. Saturn picked me up and placed me in my late 20’s in the task I do to this day. I first found Homeopathy and the way to synthesize the energies I was seeing, and also discovered spiritual groups who practiced energetic healing that had been passed on in ritual for thousands of years.

This period of my life proved to be a very supportive and expansive time after coping with losing my family: I discovered a world where I finally fitted and was respected. As a child my family, especially mother and grandmother, had been very interested in the metaphysical. Even though I grew up with this influence, I never felt understood and, therefore, supported by those around me, as, like me, they didn’t understand what was going on.

School also provided very little respite from the turmoil of these early days. In fact, it proved a very limited and intimidating experience.  The restrictive educational systems meant nothing to me, but luckily it didn’t shut down my perception, although I tried to ignore it.

After qualifying as a Homeopath, I immediately entered a very busy clinic armed with little experience. It was my insight that stopped me from sinking. Again, this provided a steep learning curve in the exploration of energy and how the human being works.

It was when I pieced together the Centers of Light that this language I had created came into its own. This led to writing two published books on the subject and the latest self-published book has given me free rein to delve deep into its energies while creating a very readable book. I was also very excited to develop the Freeing Course that has run internationally.

Using homeopathy led to The Freeing. This tackles blocks that if freed first, energetically, and then supplemented with homeopathy, will lead to a deep healing action. I then found that by using The Freeing alone it can successfully remove blocks and free people from their trauma.

For 25 years I have been passionate about helping people to use the amazing equipment within their head that is the third eye, which we all have been gifted with, but seldom use. This instrumentation creates the greatest possibility to manifest.

Once the holistic interaction of all the seven layers of grids of light within the human is understood, their power, which creates the outcome in the physical world, can be cleaned of past trauma. Basically, we all have the power to make whatever we want positive on Earth, including our relationships, work projects, social interactions, but most importantly the relationship with ourselves. Helping people to be free so they can truly be themselves is my life work.

I am presently working on a project to create a healing site in America. This site has a profound energy that assists in the program to achieve a highly awakened state.