The 7 Light Course

This course has four parts and together they create the most profound opportunity to explore yourself through the seven light centres that are your complete making and from which you can profoundly change to reach the ultimate level of self-empowerment. This course is for those who truly want to work from the highest aspects of themselves.

It incorporates the system of The 7 Lights (see The 7 Light Centers page) and so takes you on a journey of dematerialisation that is completely unique in our culture.

Change to this depth does not simply happen but is the result of making profound energy transformations and exploring the very making of yourself and your relationship with the cosmos.

The places are limited to just fifteen participants at a time because the concentration is so intense that group members needs to energetically support each other while the exploration takes place.

If you are looking for a true transformation and the ultimate investigation as to what you are made of and how to use its power, then this very unique course is for you.

To begin with Grahame needs a one hour Freeing sessions to prepare you. Then the course is broken down into 4 distinct parts:


  1. The first weekend Course: Throttle and Brake. All seekers of the higher planes need to master these positions. (one weekend)
  2. The second weekend Course: Will to the Heart. The most sacred place of your creation. (one weekend)
  3. The third weekend Course: Creative Focus. With this working together – all is possible! (one weekend)
  4. The fourth weekend Course: Road to the Crown. Transcendence to work from the highest aspect of yourself. (one weekend)


If you would like further information or to attend then please complete and send the form below to register your interest.


“Clients I have dreamed of are showing up…and I met the love of my life”

For the past 20 years I have studied with many masterful teachers to help me remove blocks and live from a place of freedom and solid grounding; but I never reached what I was sensing I could experience. I have to say Grahame is by far the most immediately effective and humble teacher/guide I have ever met. After The Light Centers Course, many profound changes have taken place for me that continue to astonish me. I no longer have the low grade undercurrent of anxiety and doubt;  it’s gone. Divine guidance flows easily and freely throughout the day, enabling me to have clarity of action in my work and personal life. The course helped me get crystal clear of my life purpose I deliver through my work as an executive coach. The clients I have dreamed of working with are now showing up. I met the love of my life 3 weeks after the course!  I feel greater confidence and trust being in the flow of life.  I can’t thank you enough Grahame!

Lynn Rousseau

Executive Coach, Tucson, Arizona

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