What I see is very simply explained; it is memory. Everything that is the astral plane and this side of the astral plane is made of memory. This includes emotions, thoughts and even spirits.
I see the invisible grids of memory that form all things that enter the astral plane from the non-physical world. These grids form memories on the astral plane but they don't reveal themselves until they become some form of physical vibration. There are, in fact, 7 stages to this process and these stages can be used to see what is blocking us from working from our Highest Perception. This sight has been apparent to me from a very early age and I have spent over 25 years evolving ways to free our personal enslavement. 
As long as I can remember I have had the ability to see what lies behind the face of physicality. I never had an epiphany or a crisis of transition, or even a life changing experience. It has always been what it is and, therefore, it has led me to find ways to use it.

I do not consider this vision to be unique, which has motivated my work to help others who wish to work from their higher self. We all naturally have this ability to see beyond the physical but it has either not revealed itself or it has been shut down, which is more common than you might think.

Like any other vision, it has its own language. This needs to be built up over time by investigating how things in the non-physical world appear. As we think only in physicality with a physical brain, it takes experience to convert the non-physical into something that makes sense. In the early days I made art and also ventured into music, trying to discover ways of expressing in physicality what I was seeing in the non-physical world. 

Saturn picked me up and placed me in the journey I am still in today, which includes healing others through growth or simply helping people on their journey. For me personally, there is always the pursuit of the new, which has led to new energy tech like the freeingMe apps and projects to create high levels for refining souls.

The early stage of exploring my higher self proved to be a very supportive and expansive time after coping with losing my family. I discovered a world where I finally fitted and was respected. Many people talk to me about something similar where they have been exploring their higher self in order to find themselves. As a child my family, especially mother and grandmother, had been very interested in the metaphysical. Even though I grew up with this influence, I never felt understood and, therefore, supported by those around me, as, like me, they didn’t understand what was going on with my perception.

School also provided very little respite from the turmoil of these early days. In fact, it proved a very limited and intimidating experience. Most of it was spent with trying to knock me away from the way I perceived the world. Luckily the national restrictive educational systems didn’t shut down my perception because I tried to ignore its limitations.

After qualifying as a homeopath, I immediately entered a very busy clinic armed with little experience. It was my perception that stopped me from sinking. Sadly many therapists fail by not being prepared for the demand and much more should be done to support them. There is usually a steep learning curve in the exploration of energy, how the human being works and what can be done to help.

I made another great step forward when I started to explore the Western Chakra System, which is not based on the eastern rainbow system. It enabled me to use energy in a very profound way and also to help people make deep transformations in my courses. I pass this experience on in my books.

For 25 years I have been passionate about helping people to use the amazing equipment within their head that is the third eye, which we all have been gifted with, but seldom use. This instrumentation creates the greatest possibility to manifest. Basically, we all have the power to do whatever the universe wants from us on Earth, and this is often far greater than we could imagine. Helping people with this is my life work.

I am presently working on a project to create a healing site in America. This site has a profound energy that assists in the program to achieve a highly awakened state.
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