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Freeing Your Blocks:

The Freeing Session

The Freeing Session is a unique investigation into what you want to achieve and what is stopping you. Grahame’s ability to see what is blocking you helps you to complete an energetic exchange and create a freeing process for these blocks.

All you need to start to free yourself is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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The 7 Light Centers


The 7 Lights Course

Learn how to use your third eye

Seer of Light

I see the invisible grids that form the networks of light to which all of us adhere. These grids of light are what make us and they hold our feelings, thoughts, ideas and potential. The different grids of light make up each of the seven levels of our known existence, which we are also made of. All existence is held within us. These grids, therefore, also hold problems and blocks that we carry around with us, either from this life or previous incarnations, which get in the way of what we are here to do. These are things that hold us back that are buried deep within our making but they can be separated and freed energetically when detected. This sight has been apparent to me from a very early age and I have spent over 25 years evolving ways to free a person from their personal enslavement. Being connected to the grids of light and as a light seer, healer, qualified Homeopath, teacher and author, I am dedicated to find ways to help people progress in life by reaching the higher part of themselves and clear what is in the way. I do this both in personal sessions and group courses all over the world.   Grahame