The Freeing 

These one hour sessions release blocks held deep within that cause pain and dismantle self-worth. Each session offers another step towards your Highest Perception. We all can and should work from this place - it is only a matter of clearing what is in the way. By clearing blocks the door is opened to possibility, which is available to the lower level of our self and to our higher self.

The blocks that affect you on a lower self:

Blocks held within our lower self usually affect three major aspects of our lives:

1. Money: the need to finance growth, both for business projects and to gain personal financial stability.
2. Relationships: finding a suitable and fulfilling love that can be built on, dealing with difficult bloodlines, immediate family, work colleagues and other associates.
3. Health: which is the root of all happiness and creates possibility, for without strength, vitality, without managing weight, diet and exercise and, of course, without having positivity, nothing substantial will happen for you.
All these aspects of your life are waiting to be achieved once you can clear what is holding you back, as the greatest thing you can own is yourself.  This includes the command of saying ‘Yes’ when you want something and ‘No’ when you don’t. These simple statements of intention are lost within the trauma that causes blocks.

The blocks that affect your higher self:

Blocks held within our higher self usually affect three major aspects of our lives:
1. The ability to be open-minded and bring in the new.
2. The need for spiritual growth that creates profound trust in what we do.
3. To establish vision: the most important commodity for anything in life to succeed.

How the sessions work

Tackling the blocks within your higher self may take more than one session of The Freeing. The process of freeing your lower self can take one to three sessions, each lasting up to one hour. However, people often wish to go further and explore more of their higher self. Some people clear so much in the first session that they need time to adjust their life with this newfound freedom before booking their next step.

Each session works by you taking a journey deep within yourself to explore what needs to be released. Sometimes people just explore and move to a new place of enlightenment. Each of these steps takes time to settle into our lives because conscious change has consequence. We often have much resistance to change, which can cause much anxiety and insecurity. Change is only our way of countering fear.

Doors of opportunity await us all and we should take them because this is how we grow. Most people I see simply don’t take such opportunities due to the blocks they carry. If the past has got hold of you, its now time to relinquish it to be ready for the future. We need to be free enough to know what’s right for us when it comes and take it!
The Freeing sessions are only available online. You will be helped and guided through every step, but each step belongs to you - you are in control of your destiny at all times.
"Grahame is a magnificent teacher/healer/facilitator. His sessions are equally gentle and strong, and you will most definitely move a lot of your “stuff”. He empowers you during the class, and it stays with you forever. If you have the opportunity, please be generous with yourself, and book a session to work with Grahame. It will be a Divine appointment."

Tammy Archibald MSN, RN

Houston, TX
"Working with Grahame is like pulling aside a sheer curtain that has kept you from seeing clearly. He doesn’t have an agenda, just sometimes will point a possible direction with warmth and compassion. It’s amazing how just a glimpse can begin to open your world in unexpected and wonderful ways."

Wynnette Nichols


The price of each Freeing Session is £100

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