The Light Centers 

Freeing You and the Planet
How to Use This Book

Each chapter in this book represents one of seven Stages that we naturally and unconsciously work through during our lifetime. However, simply by reading this book each Stage is awoken in you so you recognize it consciously, boosting the opportunity to clear the obstacles that are holding you back from succeeding in your life. 

Exploring each Stage one at a time, and in the order that they appear in this book, can create great levels of understanding and therefore provide the means to change what is no longer working for you. This can lead you to a very enlightened state.

Each Stage introduces you to a center to be investigated. Our western ancestors identified seven energy centers that run up the human spine, which they used to speed up the evolution of their perception.

By reading this book you open up these centers and an energetic transition occurs. This can free a host of negativity. I call this system The Light Centers. You can supplement this using meditation to intensify the experience by focusing on each center’s associated color, glyph, governing planet and position in the physical body, all of which will be explained in the book. 

The more you achieve at each Stage, the greater the opportunity to succeed in the next Stage because you obtain the skills that lurk within, which help you to explore more profoundly in the next level. As these skills are activated they further your perception, so you can use them to grow in your everyday life and further its possibility. This provides you with a greater power over your destiny. Simply put, you find yourself not being controlled by others and become master over your future.

Each Stage should help you to confront the changes that you need to make. Some of you may wish to take this further by downloading the relevant guided meditation, The Light Centers Program, for each center on my website: and use it while reading the relevant chapter.

This book can help anyone build a successful life because we are all simply looking to find ourselves within what we are here to do. It can instill confidence, grow personal strength, open perception, develop insight and form focus. If mastered, it can create non-physical vision, which is the highest form of awareness, and from this anything can be created on Planet Earth to help with its evolution. This is needed, as Planet Earth is our home where we develop together.

To Summarize:

Read each Stage in chronological order rather than jumping around.

Give yourself time to take in each Stage and work through the changes they evoke.

If you prefer, you can read through the entire book and then go back and process the energies involved more carefully Stage by Stage. This may make it easier to focus on the appropriate issues that have arisen from the first read. 

At each Stage stop and meditate to truly embrace the whole of each center.

If you wish you can download the meditations from the website to further enhance your experience. 

Remember, you can take as long as you want at each Stage, especially if you feel you have much to resolve there.

The Light Centers – for Human and Planetary Development

We humans are on Planet Earth for a specific reason: we are here to help facilitate the outcome of Planet Earth’s evolution and, simultaneously, the evolution of humanity. The question is, why are we making such a hash of this, leaving humanity, and therefore Planet Earth, in such disarray? Freeing ourselves using The Light Centers answers this question as they provide a western method of human development, which masters the inherent ability existing within us to change anything into a positive.

The reason humanity is here is because our minds are capable of finding the solutions for the Planet Earth’s evolution as we solve our own challenges within physicality. When we are born, we become physical because we have to work within Planet Earth’s limitations, all of which are physical. But we also have perception that reaches into another existence and what we find there influences what happens here on Planet Earth. We bring this down into physical reality to test it. This is how the consciousness of our planet, with us on it, grows. However, not many people are doing this.

This book contains the way to reactivate this perception by exploring all seven Stages of existence as seen through the mind of a human being. They are what our western ancestors found when they gazed out to space using their naked eyes, as they had no form of magnification. Encapsulated there was everything that a human can possibly be. 

The closest celestial body to us in the night sky, as seen by naked eye, is Planet Moon and the furthest is Planet Saturn. This extent to our vision contains our notion of reality, as these spheres of existence correlate exactly with the energies found within us. Each of these seven celestial bodies act upon the seven Light Centers; the seven levels of existence that are the making of the human being. These are the seven levels that together form all human existence, ranging from the densest to the non-physical.

By exploring each of The Light Centers we are able to understand how the energies of the planets, sitting in a level of existence in their own right, constantly influence us. These celestial objects are not simply objects in our galaxy orbiting the sun but portals into each level of human existence. If we work directly with these energies and enter these levels of existence, we can clear karmic blocks, releasing the trauma we carry around that stops us from achieving in life.

On first sight, The Light Centers appear to be the same as the eastern chakra system, but as you can begin to appreciate, they are not. Each system was born out of different circumstances by people who were evolving in a different way. Although things are merging on Planet Earth, these differences still remain. Therefore, the two systems do not work in the same way energetically, pertaining to different needs. This is not to devalue the eastern chakra system, only to illustrate that the two systems evolved under different circumstances for different kinds of people.

To understand The Light Centers, we need to experience each of its Stages in this book by dematerializing out of matter. We leave the most physical aspect of ourselves in Stage One and, Stage by Stage, we finally enter the non-physical world where things are so very different. This experience awakens and changes our perception and shows us how to find and bring in the ‘new’.

We are born with equipment that enables us to perceive all of these Stages of existence, but we seldom use it. We are meant to use it to find what lies outside of physicality and bring that which is appropriate to Planet Earth to form the ‘new’. This equipment is based around our endocrine system and this book will explain simply how each part of it works so together it can reveal the ‘new’ to you. Being born on Planet Earth with this equipment allows us to develop our understanding, from which both humanity and Planet Earth benefit. We thus produce a better world.

The responsibility to bring in the ‘new’ is therefore in our hands. We have the power to care for or destroy this planet as well as ourselves. Therefore, this system, The Light Centers, answers the biggest question pondered by humans since we first arrived, which is; where do we get our guidance and insight to create a better world? The answer is found within.

This most extraordinary equipment contained within us receives light from the non-physical world, which splits into the colors of each Center. The Center on the human body that each color is attracted to is different from the eastern chakra system that follows the sequence of a rainbow. The color sequence used in The Light Centers creates a different intention that can be more effectively utilized by the westerner to bring in the ‘new’. This book shows you how to achieve this.

Over centuries this equipment found within us has been attacked by things like toxins and radiation, but also by ignorance, either unconsciously or deliberately, of how important it is to our positive evolution. Trauma has a devastating way of shutting this equipment down, leaving us controlled and unable to tap into the most extraordinarily powerful gift we have. Trauma creates blocks, which reduce our full potential by weakening the very thing we need in order to be free.

This equipment gives us the ability to see ‘all’ because we humans actually live in a duality; we co-exist between the physical and non-physical, taking from one to feed the other. This is precisely what this equipment is for, but do we consciously use it to its potential? This book shows you how this is possible and, consequently, how to change your life.

Bringing in the ‘new’ from this other place is not an easy task because we are no longer taught how to enter it, let alone how to understand what’s in it. In this material time of commercialization, society drives us towards the belief that only matter counts, but now our children are questioning the point of this. The new generation does not want to inherit our debt and live on a planet that is suffering as a result of personal greed. Our children are refocusing us towards balance in life, and life in balance with nature.

Are you aware of what you have lying dormant within you and what this equipment can potentially achieve? Have you found your higher perception by testing the extent of what you can see and therefore understand? Do you know what awaits you in the non-physical world for you to create the ‘new’ and assist with Planet Earth’s evolution?

We humans can be our own worst enemy when it comes to bringing in the ‘new’ because change can be frightening and the familiar, regardless of how restrictive, can be comfortable. So why bother? Staying where we are is easy, as is not confronting what needs to change, but we constantly do this.

With our equipment closed down, our ability to search the non-physical world is hindered and this stunts the growth of our Planet Earth. This growth is dependent on the ‘new’ coming to find a home on Planet Earth in order to raise its vibration. This book helps to heal human trauma and resurrect this equipment so we can gain knowledge from insight, and bestow the greatest gift we can to our planet, because by raising our vibration, we both succeed.

Historically seen as a threat by those in positions of power, The Light Centers remained hidden from prying eyes and very little teachings of it were ever written down. The West has been on a road to individualism and it has always been dangerous to document powerful transformative processes as this may link it to the participant. The Light Centers have been passed on by word-of-mouth or by symbols and carvings found in sacred places all over the western world, we just need to know how to recognize them.

The struggle within personal growth in the West has always been about knowledge; it is too simplistic to believe it has only been about money. It has always come down to who is in control of the evolution of Planet Earth. As times have changed and the spreading of information has become safer, this system, that I call The Light Centers, is now available to all in this book.

Being more attuned to what westerners need as they develop individualism, The Light Centers are capable of switching on what will help develop an individual’s perspective. This system is particularly good at helping westerners get out of destructive patterns and raise their self-worth to help create a better tomorrow for all.

If you selected this book, you have been searching for the path to begin this journey, use this power and try to reach a highly perceptive state. How long this will take is within you and will depend on what you are prepared to free within yourself. Once you have found the answer to this, you have the possibility to find the answer to anything that the Planet Earth requires.
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