Western Chakra Meditation Program: Stage 5 – The Throat Center mp3


Stage 5 of The Lights Meditation Program - The Throat Center audio mp3 format file download.



The Throat Center audio mp3 meditation guide is 19.09 minutes. However, you can continue your meditation after the audio has completed to extend your experience while the meditation has opened this Centre up in you. This audio download enables you to explore and evolve through your Throat Center in preparation for the experience of the next Center.

This audio can be repeated so you can further your investigating of this Center and the changes it has to offer.

This audio is designed to be used on its own or for better results with all 7 Centers of The Lights Meditation Program. To really enhance your experience this meditation program can be used in conjunction with The Light Centers - Freeing You and the Planet book, which is available on Amazon from this website.

Grahame's meditation has been created without stopping and without a script or reading from a prearranged format. Enjoy the journey you are being taken on.

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