The Western Chakra System

A 7 stage meditative program that helps you work through The Western Chakra System. This system differs from the Eastern system based on the colours of the rainbow. Many people need this system as it works best for them.
These recordings were made one weekend in beautiful Devon thanks to the amazingly talented Cathy Battistessa in her studio and under her label.

When producing each audio download, there was no script and they were not read from text. They have been recieved through ‘direct knowing’ a process I explain in my book, The Light Centers – Freeing You and the Planet.

‘Direct knowing’ is not channeling. It does not involve an entity entering our body but is a far safer and the highest form of receiving information from the non-physical world. It involves the third eye being focused and attuned to non-physical reception coupled with the desired intention that allows us to know where to look.

By using ‘direct knowing’ the whole essence of the information that is trying to take form comes with it. This can’t be predicted or repeated, as it is not an intellectual exercise – it is what it is. And within it is contained a vibration that has quality beyond anything we can contrive. Grahame spoke into the microphone for around 15 to 20 minutes per recording of each Center and the only editing was to take out any background noise or a stumble over a word or two here and there, which is perfectly normal for all spoken recordings. What information that came out, as well as energy is in its entirety within each recording.

These 7 recordings, we have found, create a profound effect on spiritual and personal development. When meditated on, one at a time, they open each Center and take you on a journey of self-discovery where you can free blocks and retune your vibrational frequency to one that draws in your possibility. That’s what we all want to do – maximise our potential to succeed in what we are here to do. Not what we don’t want to do but what we are meant to do. This is when we are happiest – achieving what feels right without our blocks, fears and other people’s narrow minded attitude getting in the way.

You can start each audio download and then continue to meditate after the recording has finished to maximise its effect. It should open up a portal and you may need as much time as you feel right to explore its wonder. Always remember to follow the closing down instructions carefully when you finish to bring the experience to an end. It is important to be back within the physical reality of Planet Earth and grounded after exploring what is the non-physical world. By doing this you are ready to take on the consequence of your findings without the fear of making them physical and integrating them in your life.

We humans can be frightened of change, and although we say we want it, often we struggle with the ‘new’ in the form of consequence and as a result of our search within the non-physical world. The main rule here is to embrace it as you wouldn’t have received this ‘new’ unless you needed to. So embrace the changes that can come from these recordings and let your life open up to the life you are meant to live. This is not necessarily what you have envisaged or tried to hold on to.
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