3 Chakra Prescribing and Homeopathy



From a new generation of homopathy, reading this book - the reader undergoes a journey from matter to spirit through the seven chakras. This not only awakens the unconscious mind but also creates consciousness that clears stuck energy and cleanses each chakra. This will reveal the blocks, the differing levels, situations and the depth to which homopathy can heal using the understanding of the seven chakras as a guide. Each chapter illuminates a different chakra and discusses the relevant homopathic remedies Fascinating reading for anyone involved in homopathy or any area of healing Grahame is a member of the Guild of Homeopaths and continues to prove the new Guild remedies. He teaches both the philosophy of using chakras within homopathy and the new remedies of the Guild using esoteric knowledge and psychic reception. He also holds meditative circles that encompass chakra healing. Grahame has his practice in South London. This illuminating book is a definitive study of the subtle centres and their relationship to remedies both old and new. It takes us on a journey of self discovery and brings a fascinating new dimension to homopathic philosophy and practice. An excellent book.

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