1 The Light Centers: Freeing You and the Planet - A Guide to Deep Personal Transformation



In this extraordinary book Grahame Martin introduces us to the western chakra system. This is an ancient system designed for westerners who wish to undergo a deep form of personal transformation. Our western ancestors were aware of the challenges we face in our development, and of the importance of evolving through the seven centers that are the making of us, and all levels of existence.This western system is as old as the eastern rainbow chakra system, just not as well known. Grahame has spent the last twenty years unearthing and investigating how this system, which he calls The Light Centers, can take us into an extraordinary level of transformation.We all carry blocks within us, many of which relate to trauma and pain that we have accumulated over time. These blocks need to be unlocked in order to be released using the right key. This key has to match the problems that arise from living with our modern western activities. Blocks, which are simply stuck energy, are like this; they need the right vibration that matches them in order to heal.In order for you to undertake your transformation, this book takes you on a journey of dematerialisation from your most physical to the non-physical where the 'new' is found. Each Stage in the book is a journey to achieve higher perception. This is needed for us as individuals but also for our planet. Planet Earth relies on the quality of what we bring in from the non-physical in the way of new consciousness in order to evolve.Armed with this consciousness you can manifest anything you want, provided it is needed here and is what is wanted by the Universe. Regardless of the situation you are dealing with - be it in the realm of finances, business, relationships or personal-development - getting to the 'new' changes the old, and from this the past can be left behind. This also means leaving behind the blocks, which are stopping you from doing what you are here to do. Grahame recognizes and removes these blocks in people and has been able to impart this insight because he sees the grids of light that make up existence. It also came as a revelation to him to discover that these are also the making of The Light Centers. These reveal how consciousness works in us and how elevating perception brings focus to all we do. This is tremendously empowering, but only if this focus is concentrated on bringing in the ‘new’. Blocks create a lot of confusion, self-denial and avoidance as a result of trauma, causing us to lose sight of our task. We waste much energy trying to keep going on the wrong path, which leads to poor judgment, poor health, failed life goals and personal enslavement. Since the new millennium Grahame has used The Light Centers to help people free what is holding them back, either in one-to-one sessions, group courses or as an author. He now makes this system available to you so that the 'new' can be sought and brought down to Planet Earth to make it a better place.

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